Kumho KH17

Solus KH17

165/60 R14 T (75)

A Grand Touring Summer tyre designed for the drivers of sports coupes and sporty sedans. It has been developed to provide a unique blend of ride comfort, noise qualities and responsive handling while providing very good traction on wet and dry roads.


Customer Comments

  • Just superb. steering feels light. very low noise and got dry grip.

  • Great fills like a new car

  • Fine, definitely noticed a difference in driving

  • O.K. not the best or the worst perform alright for a couple of years,good value for money

  • Its a little to early to tell, they feel fine driving back (they don't feel cheap, like other budget tyres), but was on a dry road. Will need to wait & see how they act in the wet, but also on Motorway & back roads. They seem fine when it comes to road noise but again only got to 40mph max, so some motorway miles will give a better indication. Only got a Picanto & a top speed when looking in the handbook of 95mph, which I have never been close to. These tyres have a max speed rating of 125mph (had downsized the speed rating from H to T as the Kumho tyre was saving me apprpx £10 each tyre & as the H rated tyre is for 138mph, there was no point in spending the extra for something that's not required


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 14

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  • Silica-based compound provides superb handling, braking performance and wear resistance.
  • Three longitudinal grooves provide maximum aquaplaning resistance.
  • Reinforced block stiffness improves cornering and braking ability.
  • Symmetrical tread design gives balanced performance.

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