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I'cept RS W442 (Winter Tyre)

195/55 R16 T (87)

The Hankook I'cept RS W442 is a winter tyre optimised to provide your vehicle with optimum performance in freezing winter conditions.

The tyre features 4-channel direction tread pattern to help quickly disperse suface water from the tyre - reducing the risk of aquaplaning - while the 'zig zag' centre block of the tyre enhances traction when driving on snow.

Hankook have also designed the tyre with a wide tread to provide maximum contact with the road, again improving the levels of grip - especially when driving on ice.

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  • Provides excellent performance in winter conditions
  • Superior traction on snow and in slush
  • Grip on ice is increased thanks to wider tread contact area
  • Winter tyres normally have a lower speed rating than the equivalent summer tyre for your vehicle.

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