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I'cept Evo W310 (Winter Tyre)


235/55 R18 H (100)

The Hankook I'cept Evo W310 is a winter tyre developed to deliver high end performances from luxury cars and sports cars during the winter months.

The I'cept Evo 310 features an unique asymmetrical tread pattern which responds to wintery road conditions - enhancing your car's levels of grip.

Performance in temperatures below 7 °C is consistently high thanks to the tyre's silica tread compound and an outer rib block which provides responsive braking.

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Customer Comments

  • Excellent winter tyre. Good wet grip. Always feel secure on road regardless of conditions.

  • Excellent tyres. Good grip and actually improved my fuel consumption by 3mpg over the Marshal summer tyres the car was supplied with! No increase in noise levels either. Excellent mobile fitter. BK Tyres working around South Oxfordshire.

  • Got a good deal in the % off offer, good winter tyres - good grip in the corners and breaking ability, quiet on the road. One happy customer.

  • grip to the road well more confident in cars handling

  • These tyres transformed my car, even though it's still fairly warm and dry outside for winter tyres, the grip on these is amazing! In adverse weather the difference in grip from my old 'all season' tyres (Goodyear) is even greater. It's the first time I've bought winter tyres, I decided it could be a good idea because of a few close calls in the snow and ice last winter, turns out winter tyres are a very good decision! These tyres are only £66 and that is a bargain for how good they are. Do the sensible thing and buy a set of steelies and these tyres and get them on for the winter! Great service by Black Circles too ;)


Customer Ratings

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  • High performance winter tyre
  • Offers superb performance in winter conditions
  • Asymmetric tread offers excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions
  • Winter tyres normally have a lower speed rating than the equivalent summer tyre for your vehicle

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