Hankook Dynapro MT RT03

Dynapro MT RT03

4 x 4 Tyre
10 Ply
This tyre is exempt from Tyre Labelling

275/65 R18 Q (123)

The Hankook Dynapro MT RT03 is a 4x4 off-road tyre.

Hankook have constructed the Dynapro MT RT03 with a side protection block on the sidewall to shield the tyre from any potential damage caused by protruding objects - such as rocks.

The tyre boasts an 'Under-Groover Protector' to further strengthen the carcass and soften any external shock caused by rough surfaces.

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Customer Comments

  • Very good tyres, this truck is pretty big even by american standards - by Uk standards its massive. The extra thickness and off road design of the sidewall helps stiffen up the body control without loosing the cosseting ride. I still get plenty of feed back through the steering and while road noise has increased it is by no means intrusive. In the wet and the dry these are so far performing very well. I drive to and from aberdeen every 5 weeks which is a journey of over 800 miles so they will be getting a lot of use.


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  • All-season off-road 4x4 tyre
  • Excellent handling and stability
  • Anti-puncture capability

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