255/45 R20 W (101)

The Goodyear Excellence has been developed to deliver high performance in three key areas - grip, handling and comfort.

Goodyear constructed the compound of the Excellence tyre with special polymer material to enhance gripping properties, meaning the tyre is capable of recording shorter braking distances - especially in wet conditions.

To deliver precise and consistent handling Goodyear have included shoulder stabilisers in the construction of the tyre to help keep a firm grip on the road, even when tackling corners.

Goodyear have also designed the tyre to equally distribute pressure evenly throughout the tyre when in motion for a reliable performance and even wear.


Customer Comments

  • The tyres are giving me the performance I expect

  • Just driven to Netherlands and back to London. Really good drive no issues and great tyres felt confident

  • Obviously, just like when the vehicle was new. Admittedly you could tell that the old tyres were past their best but having replaced the same brand of tyres, there is an obvious improvement.

  • So far so good but no circumstances to date where they have had to be tested 'in anger'.

  • well, black circles, 1st time. most impressed :)


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 15

  • Car feels better to drive:
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  • Goodyear Excellence provides performance, safety and comfort.
  • Superb performance in both dry and wet conditions thanks to silica compound and new polymers that improve grip level.
  • Shoulder stabilisers improve cornering grip and dry emergency braking.

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