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245/40 R19 Y

The Goodyear Excellence was designed with three things in mind: safety, comfort and performance. That's why this revolutionary tyre incorporates three technologies into one single tyre.
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Customer Comments

  • These run-flat tyres are far quieter and provide a smoother ride than the BMW factory-fitted Pirelli Cinturato. However, the Cints did last 30060 miles of primarily motorway journeys.

  • nice thread pattern look mean !! a though my car had slippers on the ride felt so comfy a was amazed by this tyres noise seemed to be non excistance hold the road well no sqeels and am no driving a wee puny 1.0 > 2.0 am drivin 4wd subaru impreza turbo 225 with prodrive best tyre ave ever had been driving 10 plus year now

  • Very quiet good grip in wet

  • Direct replacement for same tyre and have got over 20,000 miles from the front pair and still some tread left before reaching the legal limit

  • Exactly what it says on the tyre...Excellence...great in the wet and alot quieter than the Goodyear Hydragrip which preceeded it.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 14

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  • Goodyear Excellence provides performance, safety and comfort.
  • Superb performance in both dry and wet conditions thanks to silica compound and new polymers that improve grip level.
  • Shoulder stabilisers improve cornering grip and dry emergency braking.
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels thanks to dual pitch sequence.
  • Original Equipment for many manufacturers.

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