EfficientGrip Performance


205/55 R16 W (91)

Goodyear have constructed the EfficientGrip Performance with 'ActiveBraking Technology' which increases the level of contact between the tread and road surface. This technology leads to greater levels of traction and shorter braking distances - internal tests carried out by Goodyear have shown this has reduced braking distances by up to 8 metres on wet roads.

The tyre also features Goodyear's 'WearControl Technology' to ensure that the tyre has a low level of rolling resistance. Not only does this help to save fuel, but it also means the tyre wears evenly throughout its lifespan.

To lower the levels of rolling resistance of the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance, a newly designed base compound has been created that reduces the resistance of the tyre by up to 18% compared to previous models.

In 2014 the tyre was named 'Best Buy' by Auto Express and in the Which? tyre tests.


Customer Comments

  • Perform well in the wet and dry with good grip

  • Excellent performance, they grip really well and are very hard wearing

  • The performance has been outstanding particulary in winter and wet surfaces . You will feel the diference directly after changing your tyres to GOODYEAR , there is no doubt that should I need a tyre I will buy this brand through blackcircle website . I am realy satisfied with my purchase

  • I do a lot of mileage and they are holding up brilliantly

  • They are a very good tyre. They aren't wearing too fast although I don't do a lot of mileage in this car. The only thing that i have noticed is that they seem quite soft so the car moves around on corners a bit but grips well still!!


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 34

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  • Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads.
  • Lower rolling resistance and fuel consumption.
  • Continuous circumferential ribs provide excellent handling and vehicle control.

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