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Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2


255/45 R18 Y


Customer Comments

  • Great tyres. They provided a deeper tread than the Continental Sport Contact 3 Contiseal's that I had on previously, but wore at about the same rate, so lasted a good 5000+ miles longer. Decent price, but if they were just a little cheaper they'd score full marks with me! Will definitely be buying these again.

  • Put on the fronts. Outstanding wet weather grip. Responsive in the dry. Little to no tram lining and a very quiet tire. Only downside would be that they are a little on the soft side.

  • Drove out of the fitting garage into a rainstorm, and noticed immediately that the road holding had improved. I will choose these tyres again.

  • My second set, flawless. These tyres keep you safe in the wet, even with spirited driving. Reduces FWD understeer dramatically, I will always fit these from now on.

  • I fitted these tires to my Renault Clio Sport 197 in 215/45 R17. They are brilliant, the car corners like its on rails and feels comfortable in the wet. Much better than the previous Toyo's and Continentals that were fitted before.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 17

  • Car feels better to drive:
  • Would buy again:
  • Value for money:
  • Overall rating:
  • Ultra High Performance tyre - successor to the Eagle F1 Asymmetric.
  • Features ActiveBraking Technology which leads to shorter braking distances in both wet and dry.
  • Improved handling and braking performance.
  • Improved steering precision and handling.
  • FuelSaving Technology improves fuel consumption and reduces CO2.
  • Reduced rolling resistance.

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