General All Terrain 2

Grabber AT2

265/70 R17 Q (121)

The All Terrain 2's computer optimised tread pattern enhances off-road and wet traction capabilities. Boasting exceptional traction over all terrain and aggressive self-cleaning capabilities, the All Terrain 2 lives up to its name. With good handling in snowy conditions, this tyre offers a lot for its price.

Customer Comments

  • So far their stopping ability on a wet road compared to the Bridgestone Dueler h/t is amazing. Haven't done much off road in first two weeks, but have driven about 800 miles on motorway and on A roads last weekend and these General Grabbers are a lot more responsive, but marginally noisier on the tarmac. My fuel consumption has not improved. I've probably lost upto 20 miles per tank, down from. 440 to about 420 for 70 litres, although I will need to make a more thorough comparison over a longer period to be more accurate.


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  • Designed to increase tread life.
  • Innovative tread design promotes uncompromising off road traction.

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