Firestone TZ300


Car Tyre
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215/55 R16 H (93)

A tyre designed for drivers of family saloons and compacts who enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience behind the wheel.
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Customer Comments

  • Wow feels like a new car, my old tyres vibrated at 55 to 60 no matter were i got them balanced. These are as smooth as silk. I am going to get a set for the wife's Fiesta. At this price why go for a cheap skate budget set.

  • Very pleased with my tyre and good for the price

  • Replacement for same type of tyre, so can't say it feels any better to drive! Otherwise very happy!

  • I had TZ200 tyres on my car when I bought it. Excellent tyres - an absolutely incredible 30,000 miles on the front of an Astra! I've had a number of these fitted by Black Circles since, and as a high mileage driver and I was absolutely pleased with them. I assumed the 'improved' replacement, TZ300, would be the same. Oh, how very, very, very wrong! Just over 16,000 miles of exactly the same journeys and they're nearly bald! Absolutely terrible value for money and I defimitely won't be buying these tyres again. As a rider, I've no problem with using Black Circles again - very good service as usual, but just find a time machine and give me the TZ200 tyres again please!

  • Had a real issue with noise from the tyres, fitted these and it was cured. I did think a wheel bearing had gone but this problem is apparently fairly common. The new tyres are quiet and handling is fine; car is a Skoda Octava 1.6.


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  • Safe comfortable braking.
  • Low noise.

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