Ziex ZE-914 Ecorun

Car Tyre
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195/55 R16 V (87)

The Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun is a tyre designed to couple high levels of fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance.

The tyre features an asymmetric tread design with four wide circumferential grooves. These make the tyre extremely resistant to hydroplaning whilst also providing stable and reliable performance on both wet and dry road road surfaces.

The tyre has also been constructed with Falken's special "Ecorun Compound" which works to reduce the tyre's rolling resistance, therefore using less fuel.


Customer Comments

  • Fine, holding pressure well which previous budget tyres did not do

  • I'm a returning happy customer. Ordering online is easy and the prices are competitive. Plenty of choice and easy to compare different tyres.

  • These are great tyres - you might only get a year's use out of them but they're solid and dependable in all weather.

  • the falkens are a much overlooked tyre high grip and good milage


Customer Ratings

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  • Sporty performance covers the demands of dry handling and wet grip.
  • Four longitudinal grooves improve water dispersion along with braking and handling in wet conditions.
  • Stiff tread blocks enhance directional stability.
  • Tread contains “special eyes” tyre wear indicators which change their shape as the tread reduces.
  • Low rolling resistance tyre developed with comfort in mind.

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