Sport BluResponse


205/65 R15 H (94)

The Dunlop Sport BluResponse is a summer tyre which boasts excellent performance in wet conditions and shorter braking distances.

Dunlop have constructed the Sport BluResponse with a polymer compound which provides you with a better grip and handling on wet roads. The tyre also features 'Short Braking' blocks along the shoulder to aid in the reduction of braking distances.

Specifically designed in a more aerodynamic shape this, along with the low-heat compound, help to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyre by up to 30% when compared with its predecessor.


Customer Comments

  • great tyres, ordering more, nice and quiet, good grip, good in wet too

  • Good braking in the wet, no wheel spin at lights if your careful last about 18 months with my heavy foot, good tyre !!! (2 front tyres).

  • Car handles much better than with the continentals I had on before

  • Better grip and much quieter

  • Excellent tyre, so much quieter & noticeably grip pier than the Michelen Effcientgrip that came off the car


Customer Ratings

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  • Better wet grip and braking performance.
  • Wet compound derived from Dunlop’s Ultra High Performance technology.
  • Optimised shape and construction lead to better rolling resistance.
  • Closed shoulder grooves reduce noise levels.

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