Sport BluResponse

205/55 R16 W (91)

The Dunlop Sport BluResponse is a summer tyre which boasts excellent performance in wet conditions and shorter braking distances.

Dunlop have constructed the Sport BluResponse with a polymer compound which provides you with better grip and handling on wet roads. The tyre also features 'Short Braking' blocks along the shoulder to aid in the reduction of braking distances.

Specifically designed in a more aerodynamic shape this, along with the low-heat compound, help to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyre by up to 30% when compared with its predecessor.


Customer Comments

  • Seem very good. Nice grip and fuel economy seems improved.

  • Very well, low road noise. So far so good

  • They're great, better grip and less road noise.

  • Dunlop FastResponse (which I had on another car) and Dunlop BluResponse are 'nervous' tyres, offering very sharp response to steering input but tend to 'wander' a bit at motorway cruising speed. They are excellent for busy city roads where the sharp response helps avoid unexpected moves made by pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Lots of grip, even at this time of year when the roads are often slippery. Low road noise on the motorway and a noticeable decrease in fuel usage.


Customer Ratings

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  • Uses a polymer compound to deliver better wet grip and braking performance
  • Features Dunlop’s Ultra High Performance wet compound technology
  • Optimised shape and construction lead to better rolling resistance
  • Closed shoulder grooves for a reduced noise levels

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