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SP Sport Maxx RT

Car Tyre
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225/35 R19 Y (88)

The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT is a summer tyre which borrows from Dunlop's extensive knowledge in producing race tyres to provide you with motorsport level grip and braking.

Adaptive compound technology is used in the SP Sport Maxx RT to deliver top wet and dry grip. Polymers within the compound adapt to the contours of the road to maximise the contact and increase grip.

Around the shoulder of the tyre Dunlop have contructed 'Short Braking' blocks to ensure shorter braking distances when you are travelling at high speeds.

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Customer Comments

  • Great tyres for my Audi A3, highly recommended

  • Great tyre at good price

  • Overall a great tyre and has improved my mpg

  • I could not find these tyres any cheaper anywhere at the time of fitting and I am very pleased. Changed all 4 on my Volvo S60 and it is noticeably quieter. Previous tyres were Pirelli P6000's which gave very good service (over 26000 miles on the front) but not as economical as these Dunlops according to new tyre labeling. Grip seems very good in the wet so far, not had a real chance to try in the dry yet! Good deep side wall to help support tyre and help prevent curbing? Time will tell but so far very happy. Can recommend Blackcircles prices for my car.

  • The noise level is very very low, those who sit in the car can talk, hear music,and enjoy the journey. Handling is so easy, driving comfortable. I am so happy about the service with Blackcircles. They sent the tyres to the garage to which it was ordered. I never realised that I could buy tyres of my choice and shop around and fit to my car. On previous occasions my garage would order and change the tyres of his choice. Now i am so happy about the way I have done it and it was possible with Blackcircles!!!!!!. It was the cheapest on websale and even i got nearly 20.00 pound as Tesco club card points. STEPHEN


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  • Better grip and braking thanks to motorsport derived technology.
  • Adaptive compound for a “racing” grip and improved braking performance.
  • Massive outer shoulder block for increased stability and improved handling during cornering.


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