Dunlop SP Sport 9000

SP Sport 9000


185/50 R16 V (81)

SP Sport 9000 is a special high performance symmetric summer tyre. It is specifically used in all-terrain conditions as well as for high speed tarmac use. It is designed with cutting-edge technology to offer a better steering response. An innovative directional tread pattern design ensures high hydroplaning resistance which also maximizes all-round performance. The silica tread pattern provides amazing wet traction and improved rolling resistance.

Customer Comments

  • Tyres look and feel great.

  • I not only saved £15 per tyre, but I got tyres from the top of Dunlop's range instead of the middle. A win-win situation.

  • With only a few miles on the rear of my 325ti, already notice the difference, especially in the wet, great tyres

  • an excellant grip,wet or dry , car feels better balanced and controled in fast corners, better then dunlop F1s when fitted to a clio cup.

  • The car feels planted on the road and the heavier steering at lower speeds gives me the confidence that the tyres are doing what they should. Road noise is unchanged and the ride is very comfortable. Grip seems to be good in the wet, with no signs that either the tread or compound aren't up to the job. Good all round tyre and unless they wear very quickly I'll probably fit them to the rears when they wear out in a few thousand miles.


Customer Ratings

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  • Hydroplaning resistance capabilities in standing water.
  • Innovative tread and compound blend improves performance .

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