Conti Sport Contact 5 SSR

Sport Contact 5 SSR

Car Tyre
Run FlatBMW
Tread Type:


225/45 R17 W (91)

The Continetal Sport Contact 5 SSR is the latest ultra high performance tyre from Continental. Developed and tested in conjunction with our OE partners the ContiSportContact 5 P combines maximum safety and driving pleasure.

Sport Contact 5 SSR features a flexible ‘macro-block’ design which increases the contact area and interaction with the road surface. This results in superb grip and stability when cornering. ‘Black Chilli Technology’ combines the use of grip resins and high structured racing carbon black to achieve short braking distances and excellent stability.

A 0° hybrid cap ply achieves circumferential stiffness and radial flexibility, resulting in excellent steering precision and increased grip and stability when cornering


Customer Comments

  • Great performance cars more smoother on the road great service from black circles will defo be buying from here again

  • New tyres seem to be handling and performing well in both wet and dry weather conditions.

  • Tyres are gripping well in the current wintry conditions - very happy with them.

  • An improvement on the SportContact 2s I ran before, both in design and grip. The tread pattern appears more detailed and refined, and the rubber seems softer so promises better ride for a run flat. Should stop quicker too. Will have to see how that affects wear, but for me traction and grip are more important. Fitted to rears, so more difficult to assess immediate improvements in handling and steering feel (which were already good on SC2s), but grip around slippery roundabouts is markedly better. (To be expected from fresh rubber and deeper tread!) Overall happy with purchase and would recommend to others who value handling performance uppermost.

  • Tyres seem to be performing well.


Customer Ratings

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  • Runflat version of Sport Contact 5.
  • Larger contact area, thanks to Macro-block design, of outside shoulder that can adapt to the road surface - provides improved grip and cornering.
  • Black Chili technology leads to shorter braking distances in both wet and dry conditions. Short-chain polymers in the compound react when braking to provide optimum energy absorption from which the heat reduces braking distances.
  • Reduced rolling resistance leads to improved mileage and lower fuel consumption.
  • Improved tyre performance in key areas over Conti SportContact 3 – wet & dry braking, handling, wear and rolling resistance.

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