Continental Sport Contact 2

Sport Contact 2


205/55 R16 V (91)

As predecessor to the SportContact3, the ContiSportContact 2 has excellent braking and cornering safety, ultra-precise steering response and outstanding traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Customer Comments

  • I see from your ratings that these tryes do not score very well on economy, but must say I haven't noticed any drop at all.

  • Excellent grip and super quiet

  • Great tyres so far

  • Reduced road noise with the Continental Sport Contact tyres on the front.

  • Had these already up front but changed rears from Firestones. The difference is amazing, noise levels reduced significantly and the back now hangs on the same as the front so very stable round corners at speed. Softer compound than most so good for winter use as well as summer. Can't wait to see what they are like when the weather warms up if they're this good now.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 14

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  • Overall rating:
  • Excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Superb braking performance.
  • Outstanding traction.
  • Boasts good levels of comfort and low levels of road noise.

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