Continental Premium Contact

Premium Contact


275/50 R19 W (112)

With the use of bionic engineering - based on the natural mechanisms of the leopard's paw and new generation silica rubber means low rolling resistance, better grip and shorter braking distances. Fitted as Original Equipment (OE) on many vehicles, this tyre is ideal for sporty vehicles and can be fitted in light trucks as well. To enjoy the sporty driving experience with reduced noise and increased comfort PremiumContact will be the perfect choice. Providing excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces, the tyre is not intended for near freezing temperatures like snow or ice.

Customer Comments

  • Excellent tyre but at the cost of wear. Only lasted 18000 miles

  • New Continentals feel great. Car is quieter and smoother, and i know i have the best tyres you can buy. Very happy.

  • There was a noticable change after fitting the Continental Premium Contact tyres, the steering felt more positve and the ride was quieter and more comfortable.

  • 25000 miles on the driven wheels - excellent!

  • Replaced original fit with same make and type. These suit the car well.I get better mileage (25000 mls rear, 30000 mls front) than other owners who have changed and they are particularly good at resisting aquaplaning.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 2

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  • Overall rating:
  • Excellent braking performance on wet and dry roads.
  • Outstanding protection against aquaplaning.
  • Improved grip when cornering.

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