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Turanza T001

Car Tyre
Tread Type:


205/55 R16 V

Newly launched in 2012, the Turanza T001 is a tyre boasting reduced irregular wear and pattern noise thanks to its specially designed tread pattern. Thanks to extensive testing, the tyre performs exceptionally well in both dry & wet conditions - with notable resistance to hydroplaning. Produced with safety in mind, the Turanze T001 ensures maximum cornering grip and a high braking force.


Customer Comments

  • As soon as I left the garage the improvement was apparent, very quite, smooth and well balanced. Had some Avon tyres previously that cost more, these are much much better.

  • Very good all round tyres, both wet and especially dry conditions.

  • Compared to previous tyres I had bought everytime was Pirelli p7 these tyres are in a league of their own. These are outstanding in the wet grip is awesome, these give so much confidence it's unreal. Highly recommend I will buy four again without doubt

  • Good Tyres

  • The tyres handle well and give a smooth ride.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 23

  • Car feels better to drive:
  • Would buy again:
  • Value for money:
  • Overall rating:
  • Excellent stability at speed with superb control and aquaplaning resistance in the wet.
  • Solid circumferential rib tread design reduces irregular tread wear and reduces noise levels.
  • Optimised shoulder blocks improve braking and provides maximum cornering grip.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride with low rolling resistance.

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