Bridgestone S001 Tyres

Potenza S001

Car Tyre
ReinforcedAudi AO
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225/35 R18 W (87)

The Bridgestone S001 redefine the limits of power and control with Formula 1™ precision meeting superior traction and manoeuverability in Bridgestone’s latest ultra-high performance tyre.

Developed and tested in motorsport’s toughest arena, the Bridgestone Potenza S001 lets you unleash the full potential of your high-performance vehicle with guaranteed comfort and safety. Rediscover the passion of driving with Bridgestone.

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Customer Comments

  • Very good tyre for the price. The tyre is brilliant in the wet. I'm running over 300bhp and they settle the power down really well. Very responsive and comfortable. They have really found the fine line between too hard and too soft. The side walls don't flex too much under heavy braking or corners. They really inspire confidence, you can trust you will stop in an emergency. Wear seems very fair too. Had them a few years ago on my 4 motion Golf and they were pretty decent in the rain, ice and snow. I could climb hills so easily and even stop well.

  • Much better than I expected. 1st time I've ever had Bridgestone tyres and Im very impressed so far. Would highly recommend.

  • Summer tyres on my Alfa - Good ride & grip

  • Fitted as original equipment and replaced like for like. Handling / braking and wet weather performance is good on these tyres. Noise levels are also very good.

  • I have always preferred Bridgestone tyres so when the new S001 came out, I did not hesitate to buy them. They are very good all round and seem to be lasting well. After 10000 miles, they still look new and there is ample tread left.


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  • Advanced asymmetric tread pattern for outstanding sports performance in wet and dry conditions.
  • Super slant grooves for rapid evacuation of water and high traction stability on wet surfaces.
  • High-grip shoulder blocks for optimum road holding, high braking force and maximum cornering grip.

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