Bridgestone D680

Dueler H/P 680

4 x 4 Tyre
Tread Type:


275/70 R16 H (114)

The Dueler H/P D680 is a sporty high-performance tyre for on-road driving. With advanced DONUTS tyre technology, the D680 performs exceptional wet braking, handling and has reduced noise levels.

Customer Comments

  • Car is more responsive & feels safer to drive. The Landcruiser is a big four wheel drive & you can really feel it when substandard tyres are fitted. The Bridgestone tyres work with the car on regular or rough terrain & I trust them to keep the car safe to drive


Customer Ratings

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  • Overall rating:
  • Exceptional wet braking, handling and noise reduction.
  • Safety and comfort.
  • Sleek and sporty.

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