A001 Weather Control

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195/65 R15 H (91)

The A001 Weather Control boasts superb performance in the wet with reduced risk of aquaplaning. With a special all-weather compound, it is a perfect choise for all year round use.

Designed to reduce noise levels and at the same time improve mileage, the A001 Weather Control is a tyre with low rolling resistance and improved handling and braking performance in colder conditions.


Customer Comments

  • Great all rounder, too early in the year not to have winter tyres on, so a fantastic compromise, this is Scotland after all!

  • My car is driven in mixed conditions i.e. Urban oepn road and a small amount of motorway on a regular basis commuting approximately 62 miles a day. In the dry the Bridgestones were very good, In the wet about the same and winter performance was pretty good despite they're sold as hybrids and not true winter tyres. I can't say the road noise was any worse using this type of tyre except on certain surfaces. Tyre wear is about the same as my OE summer tyres. Fuel consumption was very slightly more I doubt most people would even notice unless the commute large distances. I'll be selecting these again just on the basis of winter performance with no real noticeable extra wear using them in summer. These tyres are what we should be using in Northern europe not these racing slicks promoted by the manufacturer!


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  • All-weather compound designed for use all year round.
  • Improved grip levels and braking performance in colder conditions.
  • Superb performance in the wet with reduced risk of aquaplaning.
  • Reduced noise levels and improved mileage.

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