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255/35 R18 W (94)

The Value Choice tyres are carefully selected budget brand tyres which represent excellent value for money.

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  • When you just need to keep a car legal, this option was ideal. Two 255x35x18 tyres for £150?! Done. Trading down from Dunlop Sport Maxx I wasn't expecting much.. and honestly, you can sense the reduction in grip straight away in the dry and I found the tyre is more prone to aquaplane. Drive within the limit of the tyre however and it should last you 20k miles as mine did!! For the price, amazing.,

  • Good budget tyre for my BMW 325 sport, no complaints

  • These tyres had no grip, skipped dangerously when cornering at any speed above 30mph and were absolutely lacking in grip in the wet. Having them inspected by a tyre professional locally I was informed that they had an excessively high tread (9mm) and were American tyres. Avoid at all cost.


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