Value Choice

225/40 R18 W (92)

The Value Choice tyres are carefully selected budget brand tyres which represent excellent value for money.


Customer Comments

  • Very, very good.

  • No complaints, They grip in the wet and they do the job in the dry. Car feels much better to drive too.

  • Slightly noisy, more so when breaking. But excellent value for money.

  • Good looking tyres but unfortunately they dont have particularly inspiring grip. Low road noise. They do however displace water very well in the wet.

  • over 50% cheaper than the pilot sport i normally have -compound is a little softer than i would like but for the price you cant moan. Too early to say how they will cope with the high mileage i do but so good so far.


Customer Ratings

Number of ratings: 13

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  • Budget brands provided for a cheaper price.
  • Brands offered can vary based on current stock availability.

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