Value Choice

205/55 R16 V (91)

The Value Choice tyres are carefully selected budget brand tyres which represent excellent value for money.

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Customer Comments

  • Budget tires So Far So Very Good

  • These tyres are a lot better than the premium tyres i had on the car before quieter and a lot more grip in the wet

  • These tyres are legal and will do until I sell the car, but I won't be buying the cheapy ones again - absolutely zero lateral grip - feels like I'm driving on snow everytime I hit a corner. Fine for a straight line emergency stop, just damn scarey on the corners. My nearly-bald Pirellis were better than these...

  • These are the noisiest tyres I have ever had in over 30 years of driving. I had them fitted before driving 2,000 miles around France and I have never heard such road noise. I appreciate that these were budget tyres, but I have had similar from Black Circles before but not had this problem.

  • great tyres for the money.


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  • Budget brands provided for a cheaper price.
  • Brands offered can vary based on current stock availability.

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