Avon ZZ3



225/35 R19 Y (88)

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Customer Comments

  • A noticeable difference over my previous tyres. Improved road noise, good handling in both dry and wet conditions, a lot smoother on the road. Also improved the response felt at the steering wheel. So far I've covered 8,000 miles and they are wearing very well. Overall very happy.

  • These work really well in the wet and the jag corners brilliantly on them even though it's a heavy estate. I get about 19 / 20000 out of a front set. The inner edges go well before the width of the tread, the front end is set up correctly (had it checked) and camber isn't adjustable I'm told. But at 20,000 miles I can't really complain. Noise is fine, no complaints. They have a higher rolling resistance but are better in the wet I think than the other Avon alternative, and I'd rather have wet and braking performance than fuel consumption. My car originally had Pirreli P4's I think, these Avon's are just as good or better, certainly no worse and a bit cheaper.

  • Better braking noticed immediately. Smoother to drive.

  • Smoother ride. Better braking.

  • Appears to be a very good tyre at a competitive price.


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